Arthur Silverman is a writer, editor, creative director and strategic media consultant in Washington, DC.

Art recently retired after working for 30 years on hot-button national advocacy campaigns for a range of progressive clients, including Ben & Jerry’s, the US Centers for Disease Control, Environmental Defense Fund, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,, the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, NORML, George Soros, and many others.

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Art has won the Silver Anvil Award [twice] and the New Yorker’s cartoon caption contest [once]. He’s named a flavor of Ben and Jerry’s [“Totally Nuts”] and an episode of Law and Order [“Caviar Emptor”]. His work is prominently featured in the business bestseller “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.”

My winning New Yorker cartoon caption

Before turning to consulting in 2005, Silverman served as senior vice president and creative director at Fenton, principal and of counsel at turner4D, and founding communications director at CSPI. Prior to that, he had a long career as a city council aide, mayoral press secretary, newspaper editor, radio reporter, TV pundit and event producer in San Francisco.

Art grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and studied journalism and political science at Ohio University.

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Arthur Silverman has lived and worked in media and politics in Washington DC since 1993. He's been an advocacy comms dir, PR agency SVP, ad agency creative director, and, since 2005, a consultant to progressive national issue campaigns.